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We hope you enjoyed your first box from The Voice Box!  It was so much fun finding awesome voice care products for you to enjoy!

If you’re not a subscriber…Here’s what you missed!

Grether’s Pastilles, Fontus Green Apple Lozenges, Nuum, Honey/Tea Lozenges, Zarbees, Pur gum oral care.

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The Voice Box | Designed for Pros…For Everyone

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Our professional voice care regimen in a box

The Voice Box is a luxury personal voice care box to keep your voice in peak-performance mode.  Every quarter we’ll custom curate your box with essentials for the upcoming months.  Discover lozenges, essential oils, teas, pastilles, voice sprays, teas, and more.  Always delicious, healing, and soothing.Delivered straight to your door.

Every product in The Voice Box is hand-picked and thoughtfully curated.  This means we’ve researched, sourced, and personally tested every item in your box so that you can be sure you’re receiving the highest quality products.

Vocalists * Speakers * Teachers *Actors/Actresses *Voice Over Professionals *TV & Radio Hosts

Voice Care For Everyone

Whether you’re a touring professional singer or a kindergarten teacher, if you use your voice to pursue your passion and leave your mark on this world, The Voice Box is for you.

World-Wide Quality

The Voice Box brings you quality voice care products to discover and enjoy, from all over the world.

Get the VIP treatment

The Voice Box will deliver seven custom curated boxes a year.  Each box is filled with 4-6 full and sample sized products for you to enjoy.

How It Works

1.  Every quarter you will receive  healing, soothing, and delicious voice care products.  Enjoy three Bonus Boxes: A Welcome Box, Birthday Box, and Holiday Box.  For as low as $29.16/mo.

2.  Choose the plan that is right for you, here.  With four pricing options, it’s convenient and easy to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

3.  Sit back and relax.  We will ship the your box on the 4th of each designated month.

4.  Unbox and enjoy.  You can share your box and experience with friends.  Show off your box and invite your friends to join the community. #thevoicebox

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The Voice Box


Finally, an all in 1 voice care system for touring and   professional musicians, speakers, teachers, actors, actresses, and tv and radio personalities!

Now $26.25_mo

The ONLY Subscription Box for Professional Musicians

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Why The Voice Box could be critical to the Life Long Vitality of Your Voice

The Voice Box was created because, ‘The Show Must Go On.’  If you’re a performer or in an industry where you have to be ‘on’ and ready to go, ‘no matter what,’ then you know that means, your voice has to be ‘on’ and ready to go, no matter what.  No matter where you are, what climate, what season, time of day or night…You know that pressure.


Developed for professional recording artists who needed a dependable and mobile way to care for their voice whether they were touring, interviewing, or recording.  Creating this game changing box started with a vocal instructor and singer who was constantly challenged to recommend and try products that were effective for herself and her students.  The Voice Box is a passion project born of compassion for those who use their voice to change the world and live their dreams.  The Voice Box Community believes your voice matters, and we want to help you be heard. 



The Voice Box supports the overall health of the vocalist by providing vocalists with products from all over the world that are tried and true through and through.

Your boxes will be delivered straight to your door.  You will discover seven boxes a year filled with teas, lozenges, essential oils, herbs, varieties of honey, pastilles, and many more items to help you be the vocalist you were meant to be.



Why you should make The Voice Box part of your voice care regimen

  1. The Voice Box offers products to help with vocal fatigue, misuse, strain, hoarseness.
  2. The Voice Box provides you with products that help with inflammation, have antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties to help with immune support.
  3. The Voice products delivers products directly to you that will aid in restoration and recuperation of your voice.
  4. The Voice Box products help you prepare for changing seasons, climate, allergies, and changing weather.

You Can Trust The Voice Box


  1. The Voice Box is Delivered Directly to You.  It is So Easy to Implement.
  2. We Deliver High Quality, World Renown Products to You.
  3. It Helps You Be ‘On’ When You Need To Be and Aids in Relaxation and Recuperation.

We Believe

The Voice Box is the ONLY Subscription Box on the Market Designed for You!

  1. Great Tasting Products
  2. Mobile, Like You!
  3. It supports your overall instrument, not just your voice.
  4. Great for Touring, Studio Work, and Performing
  5. It was created by a Vocalist for Vocalists 

If you use your voice for a living

How Do I Order

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  3. Enjoy Your Products!

It’s That Easy!

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